I Have A Crush On My Neighbor… What Do I Do?

girl thinking I have a crush on my neighbor what do I do?

You may be wondering if it’s ok to have a crush on your neighbor, especially if you don’t know them very well.

You may also be hesitant to pursue a relationship with them because of some of the potential drawbacks, such as the fear of getting too close to them or worrying about how it will affect your relationship with other neighbors.

Or if it doesn’t work out, how awkward things could get.

However, there can also be some major pros to pursuing a relationship with your neighbor.

girl thinking I have a crush on my neighbor what do I do?

For one, you may have already built a strong connection with them and feel like you know them really well.

Additionally, since you live close by, it will be easy to spend time together and get to know each other better.

Many people find themselves in a difficult situation because they don’t know how to get advice about their socially awkward crush on their neighbor.

This can be especially challenging if you’re not sure how to act on your feelings.

We all have a neighbor who has been there for us at some point in our lives.

When you live next to someone, it’s difficult not to become attached. If your neighbor is the type of person that always lends an ear when you need one and offers advice when you’re feeling down, they can feel like family.

But what happens when you develop romantic feelings for them?

It can be tough because, on the one hand, it feels natural to want to pursue a relationship with someone so supportive. On the other hand, there are some serious risks involved in dating someone who lives close by.

Is It OK to Have a Crush on My Neighbor?

Romantic neighbors flirting

There’s something about a risky crush that can be incredibly tantalizing. Maybe your neighbor is off-limits because they’re taken, or maybe there’s just something about them that makes them seem unattainable.

Is it the risk of things turning awkward with your neighbor if it doesn’t work out that makes you want to pursue a relationship?

Whatever the case may be, it can be tough to resist the temptation of a forbidden crush. However, before you act on your feelings, it’s important to explore why you’re attracted to your neighbor in the first place.

Is it simply physical attraction, or is there something more?

Are you looking for an excuse to cheat on your partner?

Or are you interested in starting a new relationship?

Once you’ve identified your motivations, you can decide whether or not pursuing your crush is worth the risk. 

Pros of Acting on Your Crush on Your Neighbor?

Couple chatting and flirting at rooftop party

It’s always a little nerve-wracking to take the plunge and act on a crush. But sometimes, going for it can be totally worth it – especially if your crush is your neighbor. Here are some of the pros of acting on your feelings for your neighbor:


For starters, you already have a built-in connection since you live close by. This can make things feel more natural and comfortable from the start. Additionally, since you see them all the time, it will be easy to spend time together and get to know each other better.

Common Interests

Neighbors both enjoying a coffee break

It’s also likely that you share some common interests with your neighbor since you’ve probably interacted with them on more than one occasion. This can make dating them feel a little less risky because you already have some things in common.


Your neighbor has probably been supportive of you in the past, so you know that they’re someone who can be counted on. This is a valuable foundation in any relationship.


Another plus is that you’ll have a front-row seat to all of their cute quirks and habits. There’s nothing better than watching your crush go about their day-to-day life. And who knows, you may even enjoy some of the same activities.

If things work out, you’ll have a built-in support system that’s always close by. Your neighbors will be the ones who are there for you when things get tough.

Cons of Acting on Your Crush on Your Neighbor?

Envious Girl Looking At Flirting Couple Sitting On Sofa Indoor

We’ve all had a crush on someone who we wish we could act on, but sometimes it’s better not to.


First and foremost, if you live near your crush, acting on those feelings could make things incredibly awkward between you two if things don’t work out. It would be much harder to avoid each other if you live right next door to each other as opposed to across town.

Different Social Circles

Another potential downside is that you and your crush may come from different social circles. If you’re the type of person who loves going out and partying, while your crush is more of a homebody, things could get tricky.

Same Social Circles

Attractive young woman flirting with a man at a beer garden

Additionally, if you have mutual friends, going after your crush could potentially put them in a difficult position of having to choose sides if things don’t work out the way you’d hoped.

Time Consuming

Pursuing a relationship with your neighbor can also be time-consuming because they are so close, that you may not have the buffer that you need to take things slow. If you’re not careful, things could move too quickly and you may end up getting hurt.

Finally, acting on your feelings for your neighbor could complicate things with your neighbors in general. It’s always tricky when friendships and relationships get messy, so you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Tips for Getting Over a Crush on Your Neighbor 


If you’re going to get over your crush, you’ll find these tips helpful:

First, accept that things are going to be awkward for a while. It’s natural to feel weird or uncomfortable around the person you used to have a crush on. But with time, those feelings will subside.

Second, find new activities to distract yourself. If you’re always hanging out at home, it’s only going to make things worse. Try signing up for a new class, joining a club, or taking up a new hobby.

Third, talk to your friends and family about how you’re feeling. They can offer support and advice – not to mention a much-needed distraction from your crush.

Finally, remember that it’s perfectly normal to have feelings for more than one person at a time. Don’t put all of the pressure on yourself to get over your crush. There’s no set timeline for getting over someone, so take things at your own pace.

What to Do if You Want to Pursue a Relationship with Your Neighbor

Man smiling adjusting woman's necklace

If you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with your neighbor, here are some handy ways to make it happen:

The goal is to spend time together to see if your crush is based on a physical attraction or if there is something more.

Try inviting them over for coffee, dinner, or even just to watch a movie. This will give you a chance to get to know them better and see if there is potential for something more.

If there’s no spark, these activities are harmless and can be easily stopped without any awkwardness.

But if there is potential for something more, you’ll want to take things a bit slower. Don’t rush into anything – let the relationship progress naturally.

First, if you’ve spent time together and you think things are going well, start by casually dropping hints that you’re interested. If they take the bait, great!

If not, don’t be discouraged – simply try a different approach. But be warned – this can be a risky move, so make sure you’re both on the same page before taking things any further.

Or, find out what they’re into and see if you have any common interests.

This is a great way to start building a rapport with them.

Tickets to the local games or a concert, for example, would be a great way to spend some quality time together.

Is there a neighborhood project you could help out with? Volunteering as a couple is a great way to show your interest in each other.

What Should I Do if I Have a Crush on My Neighbor? 

Couple talking close on the couch with elbows touching

Having a crush on your neighbor can be tricky – there are many things to consider before taking any action.

The pros of acting on your feelings may seem enticing, but it’s important to weigh all the potential consequences before making a decision.

If you’re not sure what to do, our tips for getting over your crush should help.

And if you decide to pursue a relationship with your neighbor, we’ve got you covered there too!


How do you start a conversation with a neighbor?

If you want to start a conversation with your neighbor, try striking up a conversation about something that’s happening in the neighborhood. If a new development or construction project is going on, for example, ask them what they think. Or, if there’s been a recent crime in the area, see if they have any information that you don’t. You could also just say hello and introduce yourself!

Is it better to pursue a relationship if you live close by?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to relationships and proximity – it all depends on the situation. If you think things are going well with your crush and you’re both interested in each other, taking things slow and progressing naturally may be the best option. But if you’re not sure, it may be a better idea to pursue a relationship if you live close by. This way, you’ll have more opportunities to spend time together and see if there’s potential for something more.

Can having a crush on your neighbor be harmful?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to whether or not having a crush on your neighbor can be harmful. It really depends on the situation and how both parties handle things. If things don’t work out, it could lead to some awkwardness – but hopefully, everyone will be able to remain amicable neighbors. However, if things progress into a full-blown relationship, there is always the potential for drama and hurt feelings. It’s important to weigh all the potential consequences before making a decision.

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